PROFNAIT project


The PROFNAIT project is being conducted by 11 European hospitals, universities and businesses and aims to develop a prophylatic treatment of FNAIT.

The project is supported by the EU’s 7th Framework Programme (2012-2018).

The  project aims to convert plasma donated by immunized women from the USA, Germany, Norway,  Sweden and Holland into a new, safe medicine for the prevention of FNAIT. To do this, test medicine is first made from the collected plasma and used to document that it is safe and effective in preventing FNAIT in fetuses and newborns. Based on this documentation, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be asked to approve the new FNAIT medicine.

If you are from the above countries and know or suspect that you have antibodies to HPA-1a and would like to donate plasma for this project please click the following link for further information: